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You Don’t Need to Be a Genius to See that Gutter Shutter Leaf Guards are the Best Choice for Your home

Why Gutter Shutter?

Smart home improvement ideasStrength

Most gutter systems are weak and feeble!  Gutter Shutter is the strongest leaf protection on the market, bar none.  Can you do pull up on your gutters?


Gutter Shutter’s standard size is bigger than most Leaf Guards! But if you need that extra capacity, it also comes in an over-sized version!

Curb Appeal

Gutter Shutter look Awesome from the Road! Like the right accessories on a pretty lady, Gutter Shutter will bring out the beauty of your home… and impress your neighbors!

It’s Not a Screen!6 inch gutter shutter system

All screens clog, period! Whether it’s a cheap big box plastic screen or an over priced stainless steel micro mesh screen, it will clog. Sorry :(

It Works!

For over 10 years the Gutter Shutter has been keeping leaves out of gutters and homeowners off of ladders all over America!   For almost a decade now GutterShutter has been the top solution for Chicagoland homeowners to solve their persistent gutter clogging issues.

Lifetime No Clog Guarantee!

The GutterShutter system is designed not to clog but if it ever does we will come out and clean it at no charge with no questions asked.  Our customers NEVER have to worry about cleaning gutters or having clogged downspouts and gutters ever again.





See what your neighbors are saying about their new gutters…

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Top rated leaf guard system in Chicago


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