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Gutter Protection Gimmicks – They Just Don’t Work!

Folks are always looking to invent a new mouse trap, the same goes for gutter protection.  Unfortunately, like mouse traps, new gutter guard products don’t always improve on old tried and try designs and concepts.  Below are videos discussing several products you could call gimmicks or trends.  Most of them are here today, gone tomorrow.  Take a look at the videos and you will see for yourself why these products are literally a waste of money because they don’t achieve the ultimate goal, to end gutter cleaning for good.


Plastic Big Box Store Gutter Screens




Gutter Stuff / Gutter Foam


Gutter Brush / Gutter Worm


Gimmicks and fad products just don’t work long term.  So in essence they are a waste of money.  If you are looking to end gutter cleaning forever, check out Gutter Shutter, time tested concepts, true engineered design, guaranteed to work!

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